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Welcome to Conservative Minds – a podcast about conservative ideas and thinkers. We explore what it means to call yourself a conservative, where conservatism has been, and where it's going. Each week, we select readings and conduct a discussion to share with you our investigation. Join the conversation by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter at @consminds.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Thomas Paine - Common Sense

    Episode  |  January 17th, 2022  |  Season 5  |  42 mins 1 sec

    Paine's Common Sense made public a persuasive and impassioned case for independence early in the American Revolution, one that was widely read and influential at the time of the American founding.

  • Adrian Wooldridge - The Aristocracy of Talent

    Episode  |  December 20th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  44 mins 16 secs

    In The Aristocracy of Talent, Adrian Wooldridge traces the history of meritocracy and looks outside western cultures and shows what transformative effects it has had everywhere it has been adopted, especially once women were brought into the meritocratic system. He also shows how meritocracy has now become corrupted and argues that the recent stalling of social mobility is the result of failure to complete the meritocratic revolution. Rather than abandoning meritocracy, he says, we should call for its renewal.

  • Michael Sandel - The Tyranny of Merit

    Episode  |  November 29th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  45 mins 11 secs

    Philosopher Michael J. Sandel argues that to overcome modern crises, we must rethink the attitudes toward success and failure that have accompanied globalization and rising inequality, questioning the value of meritocracy itself.

  • Peter Turchin - Ages of Discord

    Episode  |  November 15th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  46 mins 21 secs

    Turchin says that long spells of equitable prosperity and internal peace are succeeded by protracted periods of inequity, increasing misery, and political instability. These crisis periods — Ages of Discord — have recurred in societies throughout history. Are we entering one now?

  • Bruno Maçães - History Has Begun

    Episode  |  October 18th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  44 mins 7 secs

    Americans believe in the liberal values that have guided Western politics since the Second World War, but Maçães argues that they are "true in a different way."

  • C.S. Lewis - The Abolition of Man

    Episode  |  October 6th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  40 mins 48 secs

    Lewis discusses "men without chests," the loss of virtue and values that comes from reliance on reason alone, moral subjectivism versus natural law.

  • Season 5 Recap

    Episode  |  September 7th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  42 mins 9 secs

    We look back at the last sixteen episodes and discuss the themes and ideas they shared.

  • George Packer - How America Fractured into Four Parts

    Episode  |  August 23rd, 2021  |  Season 5  |  46 mins 5 secs

    Packer writes about an America shattered into four increasingly hostile tribes.

  • Martin Gurri - The Revolt of the Public

    Episode  |  August 2nd, 2021  |  Season 5  |  45 mins 20 secs

    Technology has reversed the information balance of power between the public and the elites who manage the great hierarchical institutions of the industrial age — government, political parties, the media. Gurri tells us how insurgencies, enabled by digital devices and a vast information sphere, have mobilized millions of ordinary people around the world.

  • Adrian Vermeule - Beyond Originalism

    Episode  |  July 19th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  43 mins 6 secs

    Professor Adrian Vermeule's 2020 article proposes a new legal philosophy for conservatives, one at odds with prevailing originalist theories on the right.

  • E. F. Schumacher - Small Is Beautiful

    Episode  |  July 5th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  45 mins 20 secs

    In "Small Is Beautiful", economist Schumacher criticizes mainstream economics and advances the idea that small, appropriate technologies are a superior alternative to the mainstream ethos of "bigger is better".

  • Episode 81: Henry Hazlitt — Man versus the Welfare State

    Episode  |  June 21st, 2021  |  Season 5  |  45 mins 18 secs
  • Episode 80: Thomas Jefferson - Selected Readings

    Episode  |  June 9th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  43 mins 46 secs

    Jefferson's writings give an insight into the philosophy of the early republic and especially the influence of John Locke and other Enlightenment thinkers on the American founding.

  • Grace Olmstead - Uprooted

    Episode  |  May 12th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  45 mins 48 secs

    Partly an elegy for the farming community in which she was raised, partly a reflection on the transient, frenetic life that has become the American ideal, Olmstead examines the things that make communities work, the things that built them, and the things we have lost.

  • Episode 78: Vaclav Havel - The Power of the Powerless

    Episode  |  May 3rd, 2021  |  Season 5  |  39 mins 23 secs

    Havel's essay described the nature of post-totalitarian dictatorship and the need for people to live within the truth.

  • Episode 77: Roger Scruton - How to Be a Conservative

    Episode  |  April 26th, 2021  |  Season 5  |  42 mins 16 secs